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Usage Instructions

How to start a cleaning task?

Please remove the vacuum from the self-cleaning base, short press the Power On/Off button and follow the voice instructions. Press and twist the handle to initiate cleaning (locked status when θ>90°). Alternatively you can twist the handle and then short press the Power On/Off button.

How do I pause a task?

If you need to pause the washer during the cleaning process, simply short press the Power On/Off button or lock the handle.

How to enable or disable self-cleaning on S10 Pro?

After cleaning is complete, place the vacuum back into the charging base:
1. Enable self-cleaning+drying: Click the self-cleaning button on the side front of the handle to activate self-cleaning mode, which will automatically start drying after self-cleaning is completed;
2. Only enable self-cleaning: Press and hold the self-cleaning button for 2 seconds to enable self-cleaning only;
3. End self-cleaning and drying: To end the self-cleaning or drying task, you can short press the Power On/Off button, or the self-cleaning button.

Reminder: Please clear up all components of the dirty water tank after self-cleaning is complete.

Low Area Cleaning

When the angle between the handle and the ground is less than 25°, the vacuum automatically switches to low-area cleaning mode. In areas with more dust and lint, it intelligently adjusts the suction to prevent dust dispersion. This low-area cleaning mode accommodates heights of 150mm and above, with the handle capable of lying flat at 180°, effectively reaching and cleaning those often-overlooked corners. No corner is left untouched.

Why can't the MAX Enhancement be activated when the machine is lying flat?

When cleaning low areas, the S10 Pro slightly reduces suction power in lie-down mode to prevent blowing dust and lint, which could impact the health of sensitive individuals and pets by being inhaled. The entire device can be maneuvered into low spaces and flexibly rotated, ensuring thorough cleaning while preventing the scattering of dust and lint.

Self-cleaning Process

1. The vacuum automatically fills the self-cleaning area of the base with water, while the drum rotates to disinfect the roller brush.
2. The fan activates to recover wastewater from the pipeline, directing it to the dirty water tank for cleaning and disinfection of the pipelines.
3. During this process, the system intelligently detects dirt in the pipeline wastewater and performs deep disinfection cleaning.
4. Electrolyzed water is continuously produced throughout to ensure thorough disinfection and cleaning as described above.

Self-cleaning and Drying

After cleaning the floor, place it onto the self-cleaning base and short press the Self-cleaning button. Short press: Initiates self-cleaning and drying (drying starts automatically after self-cleaning is completed); Press and hold for 2s: Only initiates self-cleaning, with self-cleaning time intelligently adjusted based on the actual dirt conditions (55-160s). The drying time for the antibacterial roller brush/filter is less than 30mins.

Can the dirty water tank be removed during self-cleaning?

Removing the dirty water tank will not interrupt the drying of the roller brush, but the fan will stop and cannot dry the pipelines and filter. If you need to dry the filter and roller brush, do not remove the tank. The S10 Pro can also dry the pipelines and filter

Will the self-cleaning process be interrupted due to low battery?

When you place the floor washer back on its base for self-cleaning and a low battery is detected, it will automatically charge to 10% before initiating the self-cleaning process.

How strong is the suction power? What size waste can it handle?

S10 Pro features a suction of up to 14,000 Pa and a maximum single-device suction power of 76AW, which can clean hair and dust from the floor efficiently, making it ideal for homes with a lot of hair; cleaning is also very easy - all you need to do is remove the solid waste box and dispose of the waste inside.

Can the S10 Pro be used to clean carpets, tiles and wooden floors?

All cleaning modes are suitable for hard surfaces such as tiles, marble, hardwood floors, and laminate flooring. The Suction Mode is specifically designed to clean dust and fine particles on short-pile carpets.

Does it have a vacuum-only mode?

In Suction Mode, S10 Pro exclusively vacuums water without performing any washing. This setting is ideal for cleaning waterlogged floors and short-pile carpets, with the clean water tank supply turned off.

How does AI DirtSense™ work on S10 Pro?

1. During the cleaning process, the floor washer constantly monitors its own dirt levels to indirectly assess the condition of the floor, displaying this information on the screen. It can also intelligently adjust the suction power, roller brush motor speed, and clean water supply based on the detected dirt levels to enhance cleaning efficiency.

2. If the floor remains dirty, both screen and voice alerts will prompt the user to initiate the self-cleaning process.

3. During self-cleaning, the intelligent AI DirtSense™ feature ensures a comprehensive and effective self-cleaning cycle.

The feature of Electrolyzed Water Disinfection

When powered on, the electrolyzed water disinfection function is automatically activated in all modes except for the Suction mode. This feature ensures instant activation at startup. Simply fill the clean water tank with tap water—no additional solvents are necessary. This system achieves a sterilization rate of 99.99%, effectively safeguarding your entire family's health.


How to install and remove the handle?

Installing the Handle:

1. Remove the handle from the packaging box.
2. Insert the handle vertically into the main port of the floor washer.
3. Ensure it is securely attached and not loose.

Removing the Handle:

1. Locate the removal hole on the machine's body where the handle is attached.
2. Insert a hard object, such as a small screwdriver or the tip of a ballpoint pen, into the removal hole and press down on the clip.
3. Simultaneously, push the handle upward to detach it.

Display Design

The display features an LCD high-definition screen. A round screen approximately 1.28-inches in size is set on the handle; The design on the handle is to make it easier and more intuitive for users to view the screen; this allows for close-up observation, making the operating panel and screen design integrated for more convenient interaction. Additionally, the floor washer's self-cleaning and charging status can be checked without needing to bend down.

Switching the cleaning modes on S10 Pro

While the device is powered on, you can switch between multiple cleaning modes by clicking the "Mode" button on the control panel:

Single Click: Cycle through Suction Mode, Turbo Mode, Quiet Mode, and Smart Mode.

Press and Hold: Activate MAX enhancement; release to exit.

Will the charging icon always be displayed after charging?

After charging, the screen will enter sleep mode and turn off. Press the Power button to wake the screen, and the charging icon will be displayed.

S10 Pro Power On/Off

The S10 Pro features a physical Power On/Off button:

When Cleaning:

Short Press: Power on or pause
Press and Hold for 2 Seconds: Power off

When Self-Cleaning or Drying:
Short Press: End task

Locking and Unlocking

Unlocking the Device:

When Powered Off:

Hold the handle and gently press down while pushing it backward to unlock the machine.
Press the Power On/Off button to start cleaning.

When Paused:

Hold the handle and gently apply downward pressure while pushing it backward to unlock the device.
Resume cleaning.

Midway Lock:

If you need to pause during the cleaning process, you can either:

Stand the handle upright at more than a 90° angle, or
Short press the Power On/Off button to pause.
Then, stand the handle upright again to lock and pause the cleaning process.

S10 Pro Mode Button

The S10 Pro Mode Button is a physical, mechanical button that operates as follows:

During cleaning:
Short press: Switch between modes (Smart, Turbo, Quiet, and Suction).
Press and hold: Activate MAX enhancement mode; release to exit MAX enhancement mode.

During self-cleaning or charging with the screen on:
Short press: Activate drying mode only.

While charging with the screen on:
Press and hold for 2 seconds: Toggle voice on/off.

S10 Pro Self-cleaning button

The self-cleaning button is a physical, mechanical button that operates as follows:

When charging with the screen on:

Short press: Activate self-cleaning and drying (drying will start automatically after self-cleaning is completed).
Press and hold for 2 seconds: Activate self-cleaning only.

Self-cleaning Interactive Function

After placing the floor washer on its base, you can press the "Self-cleaning] button to initiate the self-cleaning process;

Is it normal to feel static electricity when touching the handle of the S10 Pro during use?

In a dry environment, static electricity is easily generated, similar to the sparks that occur when removing a sweater or the static shock received when shaking hands. In sunction mode, the high-speed airflow and the dry rotating roller brush may create static electricity through friction with the structural components. When your body comes into contact with it, a discharge may occur. This is a normal phenomenon and poses no harm. To avoid this, you can start in another mode for about 10 seconds before switching to suction mode; this can help prevent static shocks.

Vacuum Mop

Remove/clean/install the roller brush cover

Remove/clean the roller brush cover:
Gently press the Release button on the side of the roller brush cover to remove the cover, and then use water + cleaning brush to clean it

Install the roller brush cover:
Align the roller brush cover and press it down, ensuring it is not loose
Friendly reminder: It is recommended to clean it immediately after each use

S10 Pro pipelines maintenance

You need to disassemble the components of the dirty water tank, use a cleaning brush to clean the inside of the pipelines, and wipe the inner edges with a damp cloth or tissue.

Friendly reminder: Regular cleaning of the pipelines is necessary to prevent the sensors from being blocked by dirt.

Self-cleaning base

Self-cleaning Base Function

1. The built-in power adapter provides a charging interface for the vacuum;
2. The vacuum needs to be placed on the self-cleaning base for self-cleaning;
3. It features a built-in heating mode, providing a hot air drying function.
4. The vacuum will remain in charging state during self-cleaning or drying

S10 Pro floor washer and self-cleaning base maintenance

When the device is turned off, use a damp cloth or tissue to wipe the body and base. Wipe the side air outlet and the lower hot air outlet on the base with a clean cloth to avoid blocking. To ensure a smooth device operation, regular maintenance is recommended to ensure optimal performance.

Temperature of the self-cleaning base during drying

The maximum drying temperature is 55°C. During the drying process, please be careful not to touch or get too close to the product to avoid burns. Additionally, do not touch the rotating parts of the roller brush during operation, self-cleaning, or drying to prevent injury.

How to disassemble and install the base tray?

The base tray needs regular cleaning: Remove the base tray, use water + the included cleaning brush for cleaning, air dry or wipe dry, and then put it back on the base.

Charging contacts maintenance on S10 Pro

The charging contacts on the base need regular cleaning to prevent dirt from affecting the charging interface. If there is dirt on the charging port, gently wipe the charging contacts with a damp tissue in the power off state.

Will the floor washer charge during self-cleaning or drying?

Yes, the floor washer will remain in its charging state during self-cleaning or drying.


Lifespan of S10 Pro Accessories

Lifespan of Accessories (recommended replacement cycle can be adjusted according to actual usage). The S10 Pro is equipped with a roller brush lifespan detection function. When the roller brush reaches the point where replacement is needed, it will intelligently remind the user to replace it. It is recommended to replace the antibacterial roller brush/filter every 3 to 6 months to maintain the product's cleaning performance. However, the actual replacement rate may vary depending on usage. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the roller brush and filter are required, and it is advised to put them back on the base for self-cleaning and drying after each use to avoid bacteria growth and odors developing.

Maintenance Cycle of Accessories

Daily Maintenance:
The dirty water tank should be cleaned after use on the same day, while the filter, roller brush and cover must be cleaned immediately following each use.

Non-daily Maintenance:
It is recommended to replace the antibacterial roller brush/filter every 3 to 6 months to maintain the product's cleaning performance.

How to open and clean the solid waste box?

The solid water box of the S10 Pro Floor Washer has a capacity of 150ml.
To open and clean solid waste box, please press the Dirty Water Tank button to remove its components, take out the filter from the top of the box, use the handle to pull out the solid waste box, remove the disposable waste box and dispose of the waste.

Can the filter be cleaned with water? Can it be used immediately after cleaning?

The filter can be cleaned with water, but it needs to be thoroughly dried or air-dried before use. After cleaning, it is recommended to shake off excess water from the filter before reinstalling it into the floor washer. A short press of the Mode button can activate the drying function for the filter.

What do the three indicator lines below the MAX water level above the dirty water tank represent?

These three indicator lines represent the water level detection under various conditions. During the cleaning process, if the machine tilts, the liquid in the dirty water tank may also shift. To prevent any overflow, as long as the water level in the dirty water tank remains within the range of the indicator lines, it is considered to be in normal detection status.

Can I use a floor cleaner / detergent on S10 Pro?

Please note that using detergents is not recommended. The S10 Pro activates its electrolyzed water function before each cleaning cycle, so using tap water is sufficient for both cleaning and disinfection. Additionally, you can add a small amount of salt to the water for enhanced antibacterial effects.

How to remove and clean the roller brush?

Please gently press the Release button on the side of the roller brush cover to remove the cover, lift the left end of the roller brush upward, remove the brush, use a hook knife to clean any residual hair at the cleaning brush handle, clean with water + cleaning brush, air dry, and then reinstall it back into the base.

How to install the roller brush?

Align the right side of the cleaned roller brush with the roller brush shaft, insert it, and then hook the left end handle back into place, and cover it with the roller brush cover.

How to remove and clean dirty water tank components?

Please pull out the dirty water tank of the machine:

Waste Box Cleanup: Remove the filter on the top of the dirty water tank, pull out the solid waste box,
empty out the solid waste, and then clean the waste box and antibacterial filter with clean water

Dirty Water Tank Cleanup: Pour out the dirty water from the dirty water tank, and then rinse it with
water + cleaning brush.

Friendly reminder: Do not clean the filter with a cleaning brush. After cleaning, the filter needs to be
air-dried or machine dried before use