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Best robot vacuum ever

I have been using this model for a month now and I totally satisfied about the performance, it cleans much better than other robot vacuums Ive ever used before. Thumbs up!


I don't know how to say this, but the Freo has honestly changed my life. I am a busy mom with a special needs boy and the Freo has given me back time that I never had before. Such an amazing product, easy to set up...the technology on this product is cutting edge. Great options to just vacuum, or just mop, or both. This saves me so much time to do other things. Turn it on and everything is looked after without a worry. I cant say enough, if you don't have one...get one, you will not be disappointed.

You are missing out if you don’t own one!

This is a fantastic product. We love it and it keeps our house maintained beyond our imagination. I have two of these!

Very good Mop anf Vacuum All-in-one Robot

This robot vac is very good at mopping (cleaner than myself mopping) and its even better at maintaining the cleanness after the first couple days. The garbage bag is actually large enough to last more than 2 weeks (I have 2 cats and floor size is around 1000 sqft). The noise is very manageable so even when ppl at home, I can use the vac. Also the roller design does avoid tangling on both the roller and the bearing part.

Couple Notes: Its water tank is just short on 2 runs. So I gave to refill every day. Though the obstacles avoidance is much much better than my old romba, its still not good enough to avoid cloths, cables and pet poops. The app does not allow me to separate a room that has 2 perpendicular slide doors since I have to split room with ONE straight line that connects TWO walls. So right now the vac pattern overlaps with the slide rail a lot. Additionally, the 8000 pa is just for air compression. Normal suction is just around 600 to 1000 pa. So I have to have it run multiple runs to get rid of all the cat litter sand on floors

Overall, I do recommend it but it is NOT a replacement for vacuum stick and it is NOT attendant free.

Smart robot

I tried other brands of robots in the past and Narwal Freo appear to be most user friendly. It keeps my main floor clean all time with min effort from myself!

Works great

The vacuum is nice 👌 nothing gets stuck on the brush.....
Abou The mop function I'm surprised how smart the robot does the work..... some rooms cleans more times then others because of its durt sense technology

I'm really impressed and happy 😊


This is awesome. It make my cleaning life routine very easy. I am happy that I got this vacuum. Please I encourage you to buy it and it worth every penny of it.

The most amazing product

I was on the fence for a few months before purchasing the Freo due to its high cost. I shouldn't have waited. It. Is. Amazing. I love that I can set it and forget it :) and wake up to shiny clean floors and carpets. My only complaint and it's minor if you run it overnight is that it takes a long time to clean large areas.
If you're not sure it's worth it I can tell you it is. Just buy it!

Great upgrade from original Narwal

We've replaced our original narwal for our main floor with the Freo X and what an upgrade! Powerful vacuum, deep floor cleaning and all that with a minimum maintenance. This is the best floor cleaning Robot!

Cleans autonomously

I'm very happy with my purchase. It does a great job in cleaning the house. I don't have to think about cleaning my house anymore. My entire family was very skeptical but they are on board now too. Thank you Narwal!!

Great purchase

I recent purchased Freo X Ultra for my new condo, and it is amazing. It is quiet, easy to setup,, and requires very little maintenance. I have it for a few weeks now. So far, it does a great job on cleaning the floor and all I needed to do is to swap the water tank once every other week. My family also loves our new pet enough to gave it a name. Just a happy surprise

Extremely good experience

We have had the Narwal Freon Ultra for the past three weeks and I must say it has been an amazing experience. We do a deep clean on Saturdays and our Narwal help us maintain the results. My children even baptized it as “Lucky” so it is now a member of the family, I’m really glad we made the decision to buy this incredible product. SUPER RECOMMENDED.

Strong Recommended!!

Such a great product, do all the cleaning itself, no worries about house cleaning anymore, would recommend to all friends. Saves me lots of time for cleaning. All functions are designed well and really useful.

Narwal Freo Ultra

I have had the Freo Ultra for a few weeks now and I have been very impressed with the cleaning and ease of use in my home. My ceramic and hardwood floors are much cleaner than using my conventional vacuum. It can also reach right against the corners and even along my baseboards.

Narwal Freo Robot Ultra

I initially had the original Narwal Freo and I was very happy with it, never had any issues and the machine worked great!
I upgraded to the Narwal Freo Ultra and I am even more happier with my purchase.
They are both easy to set up and the app is very easy to use.
When I first got the Narwal Freo ultra, I sent the Narwal Freo for a double vacuum run before setting up the Narwal Fre Ultra. Once set up I sent it out for its first vacuum (after vacuuming twice) and with the upgraded suction power the Narwal Freo Ultra was able to vacuum up more debris than the Narwal Freo did on its two vacuums.
I also noticed that the new Narwal Freo Ultra doesn’t run into to, or knocks into furniture less. It is also more conscious of items (like cat toys) and carpet much better than the Narwal Freo.
I have a long haired cat and this product is a dream come true for me.
I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a robot vacuum and mop. Invest in something that will actually clean your floors!!

Love it

This little robot has saved me so much time and effort since I started using it. I have scheduled it to vacuum and mop every night after we have gone to bed. It moves quietly and does not require any supervision once after the initial setup.

I love how the mops clean are self-cleaning and I have the option of cleaning the whole floor, individual rooms, or selected areas. All I have to do is clearing and re-filling water from the base station and replacing the accessories occasionally.

Would highly recommend this device!


The last few weeks I’ve had this robot has been nothing but amazing! With 2 toddler running around the robot has sure helped out a lot with keeping my floors clean

Honest opinion

Honestly, so far for the few weeks I've had this robot. It's been absolutely amazing, even though it's my first one. I love the freo x ultra. I couldn't be more happy with my purchase.

Floors are cleaner than ever before

I fully vacuumed my home prior to sending the Narwal out for its first cleaning. I am very particular on how I clean. The Narwal was able to pick up a very disturbing amount of debris right after my vacuuming. I’m shocked how well this unit works! The mopping function is fantastic as well. Saves me about an hour a week of cleaning. I highly recommend purchasing a Narwal Freo X ultra. As others have mentioned online pick up as much furniture or items off the floor when doing the first initial floor mapping to maximize the performance of the vacuum.

Best Vacuum and Mop robot in the market right now

My Floors were never this clean before...

Narwal Freo Ultra X effortlessly combines cutting-edge technology for noiseless cleaning with precision edge detection, ensuring spotless floors in a whisper-quiet operation. Experience unparalleled cleanliness with every sweep and mop, making household chores a breeze..

Huge Upgrade

Loving this upgraded model — it’s a substantial change to the previous model. It’s faster, quieter, cleans better, and love not having to change the bag so often!

Thanks Narwal!

Super quiet, simple to use and efficient

I have been a user of cleaning robots for years now, and it seems like they’ve come a long way in the last couple of years. I first heard from Narwal through Instagram ads, and had not realized that mopping technology in particular was already much improved. That’s what got my attention initially.

There were many variables that I considered before purchase, and I admittedly was a bit concerned, as this is not a cheap investment. But I soon got in love with the robot, and am definitely keeping it. I wanted to share the reasons for why.

TL;DR: I love it because it also mops, and because it is so quiet, and that encourages me to really use it, even when I’m working from home.

1- it is super quiet. I work from home, and I feel like I started to avoid my old robot because of the noise. I also have a cat who sheds. So my condo would often be dirtier than I would have liked because I wouldn’t run the cleaning robot often enough. This is not a problem with the Narwal robot, and so I use it all the time.

2- Mopping really works. I would recommend you mop the floor yourself if you made a really big mess, if only to preserve the robot mops for longer. But for your every day typical dirt, it is perfect, and much better than just vacuuming.

3- speaking of the above, I love that in the app you can tell that you have hardwood floors versus carpet for example, which affects how the robot behaves.

4- setup was super easy. The robot quickly mapped my condo

5- the brush designed to disentangle hair and pet hair really works (I will say that this was really clever use of topology on the Narwal engineers part!)

I cannot comment on how Narwal would do if you had carpet. But my place is mostly hardwood so everything is perfect. Also my living space is around 900 sq. Ft and no multiple floors, so it’s a simple space in that regard. At least in that setup Narwal works flawlessly for me.
(One thing to keep in mind is that the robot needs to revisit the base to wash the mop periodically. It’s something that surprised me at first, but it’s something I’m okay with, as this is what a human would do as well.)

The Robot vacuum and mop we’ve been waiting for

This is exactly what we have been waiting for! I’ve been holding off from buying a vacuum and mop robot for a while because none of them had an anti-tangle brush. Here came the Freo x ultra and I pulled the trigger without giving it a second thought. The Freo X ultra does not disappoint. It does an amazing job with pet hair and my wife’s long hair. The mopping is also amazing. Does not leave any streaks and our wood floors always look clean. It also works wonders on the floor tiles we have in the bathroom and kitchen. We are extremely happy with our new Freo x ultra. We let it run now every second day with a vacuum and mop cycle. We do not regret our purchase at all.


my floor has never been so clean!
Love to see Narwal working, much quieter but powerful. The outlook is very gorgeous looks like an art piece.

Very clean

I had the Narwal Fero, then bought another newer version the Ultra, I like the Ultra has edge extension and suction power compare to the Fero model. Both model are doing very good job on cleanness, and both are very quiet, I introduced to my friends and family, they all end up got one, and they love it.