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Powerful Robot Vacuum and Mop

Narwal Freo
The Ultimate Mopping All-in-One Robot.

Your Mopping Master

Narwal Freo
Enjoy the freedom of using your space without worrying about cleaning.

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If you want your tech as smart as can be—the Narwal Freo Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo is the floor cleaning device for you.

The Narwal Freo is the most meticulous robot cleaner we've ever tested.

The Narwal Freo is an extremely effective robot vacuum and mop, especially if you have pets.

The Narwal Freo converted me to robot vacuums, and I'm not turning back.

This is one of the quietest robot vacuums we have ever been around.

Not only does it easily handle small dust and debris, and pieces up to roughly half Cheerio-sized, but also it's subtle while operating and is among the quietest robot vacuums we've tried.


Jennifer Williams
The Narwal is also great at removing pet hair and dander, which can be a pain to clean up with a regular vacuum.
Jessica Martinez
Our Freo has been immaculate for two months! In particular, it‘s app has a short learning curve, maps quickly.
Elizabeth Thompson
It cleans absolutely amazingly and top notch performance! It is better than the top 3 robots/vacuums on the market.
Daniel Anderson
Freo mapped our first floor (about 1700 square feet) in less than 5 minutes. I was very impressed with this!
James Smith
If you're like me and you're OCD about your hard surface floors being clean, then this is the robot for you.
David Brown
I have three devices that both vacuum and mop, and the Freo is the only one that I don't have to struggle with.
Sarah Johnson
When we showed them the Freo in action, they said now they need to get one too!
Robert Wilson
The Freo takes vacuuming and mopping to another level! I love the user friendly touch screen at the top of the work station. I love that it has a user friendly app.

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