Consumer Technology Association: 2020 INNOVATION AWARD PRODUCT

Sep 23, 2021 | Narwal Robot
Consumer Technology Association: 2020 INNOVATION AWARD PRODUCT
Narwal world first self-cleaning robot mop & vacuum
By Yunjing Intelligence Technology(Dongguan)Co.,Ltd

Narwal is the world's first self-cleaning robot cleaner, which supports both vacuum and mop by changing modules. Based on the magnetic design, it takes less than 10 seconds to change the cleaning module. It featured with unique mop self-washing and deep-cleaning technology, which provides users with hands-free experience. The robot will automatically return to the base station to wash mops during mopping and come back to work from pause-spot. To ensure the cleaning effect, the mopping module is designed to be rotating and pressed down to the floor during mopping. Narwal could be controlled via mobile APP for cleaning plans, real-time monitoring, spot cleaning, no-go zone, OTA update, cleaning report and etc.


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