Live a High-tech Life

Sep 14, 2021 | Narwal Robot
Live a High-tech Life

In primitive society, human beings knotted ropes to keep track of things and would only use primitive materials to make simple utensils. Later, people entered the steam age and the electric age, and life gradually improved. We have bicycles and cars; we have flashlights and lights; we have fans and air conditioners...

Technology has been changing our way of life and production, leading to the high development of human civilization. Now we have driverless cars. We have smartphones that you shout "Hey Siri" and the AI will start chatting with you. We have wireless headphones that no longer bother you when doing fitness. We have dishwashers that reduce the hassle of cooking. We have cleaning robots that can keep the house floor gleaming and make barefoot at home comfortable!

What is a lifestyle?

"A lifestyle is expressed in both the work, behavior, leisure and social patterns we do – it’s a combination of what we repeatedly do. It affects how we see ourselves and our identity. Lifestyles combine motives, needs, wants, feelings. Our lifestyle relates to our sense of happiness and peace. Overall, a lifestyle is about the big picture, the accumulation of small details of our daily lives."

What is High-tech lifestyle?

There is no uniform definition of high-tech lifestyle. But one thing is clear: the acceptance and tolerance of technological developments are necessary.Grasping the present and thinking of the future, maybe we can drive a flying car. Maybe we can read any information with our glasses on. Maybe we can also travel to outer space?
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