Fake Website and Potential Scam

We have recently become aware that certain websites have been presenting themselves as official websites or sales agents of Narwal. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT NARWAL TRADING (HONG KONG) CO., LIMITED  (together with its affiliates, “Narwal”) currently conducts its business in the United States and Canada through only the following websites:

  • narwal.com
  • shop.narwal.com
  • ca.narwal.com
  • Accredited online marketplace websites operated by third parties such as Amazon.com, Hongmall.com and newegg.com.

PLEASE FURTHER BE ADVISED that the following website is NOT related in any way to Narwal:











We would also like to emphasize that the aforementioned website has illegally used Narwal’s name and logo to mimic Narwal official website.

We believe that the aforementioned website may be a means for scams or fraudulent activities and intends to mislead visitors, possibly into believing that the website is developed by Narwal.

Please be advised that Narwal’s official websites are www.narwal.com, shop.narwal.com and ca.narwal.com. You are advised against making any purchase or disclosing any personal information on any other website that may appear as a website operated by Narwal.

Purchases and personal information disclosures made on Narwal’s official websites and accredited online marketplace websites are subject to the terms, conditions, and responsibility of the operators of such websites.

Please note that Narwal will not bear any responsibility if you are purchasing or using a Narwal product not intended for Canada and United States or any other market you are purchasing or using such Narwal product from.