With a change of season comes a wonderful addition, and a growing kitten.

Sep 29, 2022 | Narwal Robot
With a change of season comes a wonderful addition, and a growing kitten.


I have always been quite skeptical about how smart a vacuum/mapping robot can actually be, after hearing about funny stories of robots getting stuck in all places, failing to plan optimal routes, and in some instances even running away from home. Why bother if they are not as smart as you would like them to be? After all, isn’t the time-saving and worry-free feature what we care most about a cleaning robot?

I came across Narwal when they were first launched in Canada, and the vacuum PLUS mopping function, together with auto cleaning and auto dry functionality, definitely caught my eye. With a kitten being the latest addition to our household, we feel this might be the time to give the robot a go.

It all proves to be incredible. The installation is super easy and dummy-proof. The mapping scan before the first trial is fast and after a quick read of the manual, off we go, the vacuuming has started. I really like how the little brushes sweep the corners of your furniture that are usually quite difficult to get to, and the fact that the space under the bed and sofa is just perfectly accessible to this smart friend.

And then comes mopping - the mops are rather easy to put on, and all you need to do is just press the right button, which is clearly labeled on the base. For our 600 sf condo, the mopping takes a little over an hour, and the robot goes back to the base to get cleaned up and to get more water whenever the mops are almost dried up. Very smart and hassle-free indeed ;)

We are starting to appreciate the value of smart household appliances, thanks to Narwal. Oh, and our kitten approves, too. Timmy thinks of Narwal as his nemesis and often plays hide and seek with him. 

By Juidy Shen

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