Narwal’s impact on my home.

Sep 29, 2022 | Narwal Robot
Narwal’s impact on my home.

I purchased the Narwal after watching a video and considered that my research. My husband thought I was crazy for wanting to purchase yet another vacuum.

What could be so cool? He asked.

Agreeing to purchase, I patiently awaited the arrival of my new machine. Then one day there it was showing its beautiful face on my doorstep. I brought it in grinning and immediately took it out of the box. From this day forward, I have enjoyed being able to only have to pick up toys at the end of the day, start my sweep mode in my app and go to bed. I wake up switch my mop head and head to work. While in my vehicle I set my Narwal to mop the floors two times and await coming home to a nice cleaned floor.

I have enjoyed having this machine and for a super plus, my husband has made the comment that this is the best thing we have bought in years! Hats off to the Narwal creators for reading busy mom minds everywhere, we certainly thank you!

By Aylissa Willrodt

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