Your Ultimate House Cleaning Checklist for 2022 (Room-by-Room)

Jan 12, 2022 | Narwal Robot
Your Ultimate House Cleaning Checklist for 2022 (Room-by-Room)

Raise your hand if you find keeping your home clean totally intimidating.


We get it. Keeping your house clean can look like an unmanageable task at times. However, with a bit of planning, it can turn out to be quite easy. Besides, a tidy house can have surprising benefits for our body and mind well-being.


Still not convinced, are you?


Today's article will teach you a smart and simple approach to home cleaning chores. We'll take you through what supplies you need, how to arrange a cleaning schedule, and finally, how to clean your house room-by-room. Without further ado, let's get started!



House cleaning supply checklist

Before going to war against a messy and dirty opponent, you need to be fully equipped. Without a doubt, under your bathroom and kitchen sinks, there are already different kinds of cleaning supplies.  Nonetheless, your arsenal might be missing some essential tools to get the job done. Here we have listed some of the best cleaning products you need in your home:

  • Narwal® robot vacuum and mop
  • Broom
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Extend duster
  • Disinfectant
  • Concentrated cleaner
  • Stainless steel cleaner
  • Glass cleaner
  • Floor cleaner (you can get a specific one based on your flooring)
  • Dry cleaner
  • Laundry whitener
  • Stain remover bars
  • Bleach
  • Sponges
  • Paper towels, cleaning cloths or rags

How to create a cleaning schedule

Before starting, the first step is to take your time to draft a cleaning schedule. All cleaning tasks should be categorized into daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally, and yearly.   


Daily tasks

They are quite easy to complete and usually don't take much of your time. Daily tasks keep your home running smoothly and make weekly cleaning faster. For example, wipe the kitchen counter and sink immediately after cooking. 


Weekly & monthly tasks

These chores don't require your daily attention. However, they are important as they prevent clutter from piling up and let us save time in the long run. Usually, weekly and monthly tasks are scheduled on weekends or in the middle of the week (e.g., laundry day or vacuuming the floor).   


Seasonal & yearly tasks 

Seasonal and yearly tasks are usually associated with spring or fall cleaning. Such chores are often overlooked, yet they still need to be addressed. Some examples could be washing the curtains, cleaning carpets, purging clutter.   

Ultimately, some people like to tackle a little bit of cleaning every day, while others prefer to knock it all out in one or two weekly sessions. Our recommendation is to use a weekly cleaning schedule. Your schedule paper should be organized by weekday. In addition, you can leave a general area to list daily, monthly and yearly tasks. 



Before you start your cleaning routine

Well, if you didn't take care of your home chores for a while, your house is probably a little messy. Then, from where should we start?

No worries, the first thing to do is a basic fast all-over home cleaning. Once the house is "presentable," you can use the routine tasks to maintain it neat.  


Pick up the trash 

Grab your trash bags and go through each room, searching for trash of things you don't need anymore. Once you're done, put all the bags in the entrance, ready to be disposed.


Pick up laundry 

Some of us unconsciously leave dirty clothes all over the places. Get your laundry basket and sweep the house to gather up stray clothing. Don't forget the bed linens and start the washing machine. It'll take care of the job while you take care of other tasks. 


Collect clutter

Right now, you're probably left with still many things in disorders. For the time being, try to categorize them and then find a spot to place them. By getting rid of all the things in the way, you'll have enough space to start with the actual cleaning. 



Room-by-room house cleaning checklists


There are likely some daily cleaning tasks that you're already doing. Try to start with the general house cleaning chores and move gradually to the individual room tasks. In this way, you'll feel less overwhelmed. 


General daily house cleaning checklist

✔️ Make your bed

✔️ Tidy up loose items

✔️ Rinse out your home sinks

✔️ Sweep kitchen tops

✔️ Set your Narwal robot cleaner to vacuum each room floor 

✔️ Send your Narwal robot to mop the floor (once it has finished with                       vacuuming)


General weekly house cleaning checklist

✔️ Dust all of the surfaces in your home 

✔️ Sanitize all frequently touched surfaces (e.g., light switches, doorknobs,              cabinets handles)

✔️ Vacuum carpets or rugs in your home (or schedule the Narwal robot to                automatically do it for you)

✔️ Mop hard surfaces on the floor (or let Narwal robot do the dirty job)


General monthly house cleaning checklist

✔️ Clean lights and light covers

✔️ Remove cobwebs and dust from the ceiling

✔️ Wipe down shelves and bookcases

✔️ Clean walls for any scuffs or handprint

✔️ Wash trash bins inside and out

✔️ Clean baseboards around the house

✔️ Keep all your floor surfaces clean without effort with the 2 in 1 mop and              vacuum function of Narwal robot. 


General yearly house cleaning checklist

✔️ Clean out air conditioners (especially filters)

✔️ Thoroughly clean countertops, floors, and tile joints in showers

✔️ Reseal tiles and countertops in kitchens and bathrooms 

✔️ Clean windows inside and outside

✔️ Steam cleaning carpet


A cleaning schedule can be set up for your Narwal robot to vacuum and mop. You can set up the time for vacuuming/mopping and no cleaning zones on your smartphone through the Narwal app. In this way, the robot will take care of floors without you lifting a finger.



Kitchen cleaning routine


Daily tasks

✔️Deal with the dirty dishes 

✔️Rinse your sink

✔️Wipe the kitchen tops

✔️Clean the hob after cooking

✔️Let your Narwal robot cleaner sweep the floor. The robot two triangular side       brushes are designed to catch dust at every corner.


 Weekly tasks

✔️Diligently clean and sanitize your countertops

✔️Clean your refrigerator inside and outside

✔️Thoroughly wipe kitchen appliances (e.g., coffee machine, microwaves, etc.)

✔️ Polish stainless-steel appliances

✔️ Clean kitchen cabinet faces (especially if made of glass)

✔️ Sanitize sponges or dish cleaning rags

✔️ Place deodorizer to the sink and garbage disposal

✔️ Send Narwal robot cleaner mop and sanitize the floor



Yearly tasks 

✔️Wipe the inside of your cabinets (also remember the top of the cabinets)

✔️Scrub the filters on the extractor hood

✔️Clean dishwasher filters 

✔️ Remove dirt from below the refrigerator


Bathroom cleaning routine


Daily tasks

✔️Replace hand and shower towels

✔️ Wipe off water from countertops

✔️ Tidy up toothbrushes, make-ups, or whatever thing you use for daily                    personal car 

✔️ Rinse the faucets

✔️ Straighten the bath mats


Weekly tasks

✔️ Scrub the walls and floor of the shower or tubs (including the shower door)

✔️ Use the glass cleaner on the mirrors 

✔️Scrub the toilet bowl inside and out

✔️ Vacuum and mop the floor


Yearly tasks

✔️ Wash your bathroom mats (it can soak up a lot of mildew)

✔️ Bleach or replace your shower liner

✔️ Carefully wash your shower curtains

✔️ Check for expired medicines and replace worn-out towels


Living room cleaning routine


Daily tasks 

In most cases, your living room won't need too much daily maintenance. Remember to keep things in order tidying up a bit. Let Narwal robot cleaner go loose for daily floor vacuuming. 


Monthly tasks

✔️ Vacuum under the couch and armchairs

✔️ Let Narwal robot clean the hidden space under your furniture

✔️ Dust all surfaces in the living room, such as on the TV

✔️ Use the Narwal robot, and do not worry about using it in your living room.           Our robot can sweep and then mop laminate, linoleum, tile, hardwood, and         other hard floor surfaces. 


Yearly tasks

✔️ Wipe clean the couch and upholstery cover or surface

✔️ Wash the living room curtains


Bedroom cleaning routine


Daily tasks

✔️ Make the bed

✔️ Tidy blankets and sheets

✔️ Organize your closets and drawers 

✔️ Open the window to change the air


Weekly tasks 

✔️ General tidying 

✔️ Wash all your bed linens 

✔️ Wash comforters

✔️ Set out Narwal robot for a weekly routine vacuuming and mopping. The robot silently operates in your bedroom, producing a noise level of just 65 dB. You can sleep while it works. 


Yearly tasks

✔️ Flip your mattress and wipe it clean (ideally, you should do this every six months)

✔️ Use an upholstery cleaner to get rid of dead skin cells, mites, and drool stains

✔️ Check out your wardrobe for unwanted clothes to donate or sell


Bonus house cleaning tips: how to make it easier

As doctors say, for our health, prevention is better than a cure — this way of saying works also for cleaning our house. Below, we've collected some tips to keep things clean and nice. 


✔️ Automatize your cleaning process by using smart devices such as robot cleaners which frees you from some of the most time-consuming tasks. 

✔️ Take off your shoes when entering the house to avoid bringing in the dirt. 

✔️ Always start to clean top to bottom to avoid spreading dirt on clean surfaces.

✔️ As the bathroom is probably your 'headquarters" for cleaning operations, clean it for last. 

✔️ Define designated space to collect items in order to get more space for cleaning. 

✔️ Always end the night with an empty sink. 


Narwal T10 robot vacuum and mop


The Narwal T10 robot's all-white design reflects its minimalistic yet contemporary nature. Equipped with smart sensors and LIDAR navigation technology, Narwal robot can mop and vacuum any corner of your house without bumping into objects. 


The T10 robot 2 in 1 vacuum and mop function can deal with dirt, dust, and hairs on any floor surface. Yet Narwal's innovation lies within the base station. The station acts as an assistant for the robot recharging the batteries and cleaning the mops.


Yeah, you've heard right! The robot cleans itself.


Once the cleaning is completed, the program dries the mops, thus preventing germs and bacteria from forming. All you need to do is rinse the dirty water tank at the end of the process. Our self-cleaning feature is like nothing else in the industry, making Narwal T10 robot the ideal choice for house cleaning. 


Hopefully, after reading this article, you will look at house cleaning as a less daunting task. 


To know more about robot cleaners, check out our complete guide.

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