Are there any substitutes for the detergent sheets?

Sep 29, 2022 | Issac Feng

We do not recommend using other cleaning solutions. Other cleaning products can produce foam or residue that corrodes the piping system by blocking the pipes and parts, causing robot malfunction.

Clean water is sufficient for mopping.

Information about our detergent sheets:

Narwal detergent sheets include newly-developed proprietary ingredients and biodegradable enzymes for an instant and homogeneous water solution for stain removal.

We have engineered our special detergent sheets to produce less foam to prevent malfunctions. Unlike most cleansers, our detergent sheets are made of no corrosive ingredients and help keep the pipes clean and clear.

Instructions: Fill the clean water tank to Maximum Watermarking, then add a detergent sheet that will dissolve. It is not recommended to put the detergent sheet in the tank first before filling it with water.

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