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Tired of Dealing with Tangled Hair? Find out how Narwal Freo X Ultra Solves this Problem


  • 1. How to Untangle Hair From a Roller Brush
  • 2. New, Innovative Features: Zero-Tangling Floating Brush
  • 3. How Does A New Roller Brush Benefit Me?
  • 4. Where Can I Learn More?
  • 5. Next Steps and Where to Buy

You asked for it. We’ve provided. In this blog, we’ll explore a new feature we’ve included as standard in the newly launched Narwal Freo X Ultra: a zero-tangling roller brush. This is the industry’s first certified solution to prevent hair tangling thanks to a floating brush design.

How many times have you looked at your floor and realised there is hair everywhere? Trodden into the carpet, resting on a tabletop (soon to fall onto the floor) or gathered in corners of the room.

It’s a scenario to which many people can relate - and that’s if there is just one person in the house! If you add in multiple people, pets, hosting parties, and so on, the amount of hair on your floor will multiply. Meaning that the number of times you have to clean up the hair increases.

This is particularly the case if you’re in a household where people have longer hair. Hair that is past your shoulder blades can be easily tangled in vacuum cleaner roller brush accessories, adding to the maintenance of your machine. Similarly, coarse hair from your pets can clog the dust box.

If your floor is carpeted then using traditional cleaning methods can be problematic. Robot vacuums with a weaker suction (5000pa and less) won’t be able to pick up hairs in the same way and become easily clogged.

Innovation is needed. That’s where the Narwal Freo X Ultra comes in.

In this blog, we’ll explore how you can make your life easier and take multiple steps out of your vacuuming routine with the Freo X Ultra’s new features. Read on to learn about these features and how owning a Freo X Ultra has multiple benefits, especially if you shed hair or live in a household with multiple people and/or pets.

1. How to Untangle Hair From a Roller Brush

If you don’t own a Narwal Freo X Ultra, you might need to first spend time vacuuming up all the hair that you and your pets, family, or roommates shed, and then untangle this when it knots in your machine.

As we all know, this can be a frustrating job. The hair is often difficult to untangle without cutting through it with scissors and you need to then vacuum the floor again to keep your floors spotless. Let’s look at every step you need to take:

  • Ensure your vacuum isn’t connected to a power source.
  • Remove the brush or turn the vacuum to a position where it is easy to see the roller brush.
  • Pull out any knots of hair you can see and walk to the kitchen to place them in the garbage.
  • Cut off any knots that are difficult to untangle with scissors.
  • Reassemble your roller brush and ensure every part is working correctly.
  • Wash your hands.
  • Turn on the vacuum power supply and suck up any loose hairs and dirt that have fallen out whilst you’ve cleaned the machine.

That’s seven steps–seven!–to make sure that your vacuum is clean and able to function correctly. It’s time-consuming and dirty work, and often irritating if you are in a rush or don’t enjoy vacuuming as a chore.

2. New, Innovative Features: Zero-Tangling Floating Brush

Zero-tangling Floating Brush.jpg__PID:ad8d8dcc-f1d7-47de-9e23-f20b149c0aec

At Narwal, we know how irritating it can be when hair gets tangled in your vacuum. We strive to move away from the traditional and bring amazing technology to your home so you can spend more time doing what you love. That’s why we’ve been working to make the Freo X Ultra as efficient as possible. This includes a new system and design that makes a real impact on your daily life by solving the problem of entangled hair.

A key part of this is our new design: a zero-tangling floating brush with a conical shape design. Effective and efficient, this brush has been changed in several ways to reduce the chances of hair getting tangled.

1) Conical-shaped Design

This design works well because it aerodynamically releases hair into the suction pathway. It’s fantastic at picking up hair and more granular pieces of dirt. This helps it to glide through the area rather than getting trapped, wrapping around the brush and forming a knot.

We’re proud to say that this is an externally tested and validated solution that has been proven to ensure 0% hair entanglement and 99.56% hair removal. This is certified by the SGS and TÜV.

This also ensures that the maintenance process of the brush is easy and more sanitary than using older robot vacuums, as you don’t need to reach in amongst the dirt and dander to untangle hair. It is also less irritating because you don’t have to stop what you’re doing to start the lengthy process of cleaning your device.

2) Single Arm Brush Structure

Instead of having several brittle or rigid brush elements, we’ve kept it simple. The Freo X Ultra has a single arm brush that allows the hair to be sucked in directly, moving quickly through the vacuum and into the dust bag. When combined with an intense 8200 PA of suction power–far higher than the industry-standard 5000pa–the Freo X Ultra can pull hair up easily from wooden and even carpeted floors.

The hair has fewer areas to get tangled in and so minimizes tangles–unlike a dual arm brush structure, which requires regular cleaning.

3) 50° ‘Golden’ Angle Bristles

The bristles on our brush have been set at a 50° “golden angle” to ensure that hair clusters and knots are a thing of the past. These bristles work in synergy with suction direction to pick up 99.56% of the hair on your floor and transport it through the machine to the dust bag, offering an impressive amount of coverage.

Meticulous design is a feature of all Narwal products, and the Freo X Ultra is no exception.

This feature is particularly beneficial if you want to save time. This is a vital aim for our team, who want to reduce the additional stress of vacuuming your floors to allow you to do the things you love. Even if this is just relaxing; it’s important to have self-care time and time to chat with your friends and family in the evenings and on weekends, rather than spending your precious time sweeping and scrubbing.

This is particularly the case if you live with roommates or family, as the more people in your household, the more hair there is likely to be on the floor.

3. How Does A New Roller Brush Benefit Me?

Leaves No Gaps.jpg__PID:822fb615-5054-4995-b8ab-f5ca76eb9e15

You’ll be pleased you’ve learned what a zero-tangling floating brush with a conical design is when the Freo X Ultra is in your home. This new and highly effective brush and suction will change your life for the better and is a solution to make your life easier and more enjoyable - but one that many robot vacuum products you look at won’t include as standard.

This design offers excellent cleaning even with granular dirt. It can deep clean across a multitude of surfaces without damaging your flooring and picking up hairs of all sizes, from longer human hair to shorter and bristly pet hair.

As the bristles are rubber, they are also much quieter - you can have the Narwal Freo X Ultra on a cleaning schedule whilst you work from home without disturbing your Zoom calls or frightening your pet.

Ultimately, it means the days of having to unpick tangled hair from your vacuum, matted with dirt and difficult to unclog, are over. And who doesn’t want that?!

4. Where Can I Learn More?

One way to learn more about the Freo X Ultra from people who own it is to join our Facebook community. In general, this group is a fantastic place to meet like-minded Narwal owners and discuss all things robot mops and vacuums!

You can also visit the Narwal Freo X Ultra website for more information.

5. Next Steps and Where to Buy

If you want to purchase the Narwal Freo X Ultra, look no further! You can add it to your basket today by clicking the button at the bottom of this page. This is at a special introductory price–act fast to grab yours!

Still not convinced? Check out our overview of the Freo X Ultra in our blog, which details all of its incredible features, including its ability to check the humidity of your floors and adjust how much water to use accordingly. Plus, the blog explores the benefits of DirtSense™ 2.0 technology, our amazing AI-powered technology that ensures your floor is sparkling clean and hygienic.

What are you waiting for? Check out this newly launched product today and be the first of your friends to own one. You could have a fantastic robot assistant in your home from March 2024.

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