Three Common Cleaning Robot Problems And Their Ultra Solutions

Jun 30, 2024 | Global DTC
Three Common Cleaning Robot Problems And Their Ultra Solutions

Not all cleaning robots are created equal - it's unfortunate, but true. Some can't deal with obstacles, some are too loud, some require a surprising amount of maintenance, and the worst struggle with all three. Luckily, with top-notch engineers, it's easy to fix common design mistakes that other companies make. With enough experience and research, a robot vacuum and mop overcome major issues that other cleaning robots face. To show you how, here are three robot horror stories you'll never have to worry about again - if you have the right robot.


01-The Dreaded Shoe

Life is so much easier with your cleaning robot - your daily cleaning time is now your daily relaxation time. Until one day when an odd whirring sound wakes you up and your phone gets a notification.

Your robot is stuck.

So much for relaxation time. Ignoring the problem means your house won't be cleaned, so you have no choice but to get up. In the end, you find a loose shoe on the floor. No problem, right? You just have to pick up your robot and move the obstacle away.

If only.

As soon as you put your robot back down, it starts going in circles, hoplessly lost once you picked it up. Now it doesn't know where it is anymore. As it spins, you feel your head starting to spin too...

Freo X Ultra's Solution

We've seen it all, from robots stuck on toys to robots pushing around pets' "messes" and only adding to the disaster - so we knew the Freo X Ultra needed to be better.

That's why the Freo X Ultra comes with two kinds of advanced technology to tackle this issue : millimeter-precision obstacle avoidance and LiDAR 4.0 navigation. The millimeter-precision obstacle avoidance helps the Freo X Ultra detect and avoid obstacles before it gets stuck. Two front-facing lasers detect even small, low-lying objects in front of your robot while a side laser lets your Tworobot get as close to them as possible so every inch of your floors gets a deep clean before you even notice any dirt. The LiDAR 4.0 navigation also lets your robot know what's around it at all times, so it can continuously calculate and follow the optimal cleaning path in your home. That means even if your Freo X Ultra gets bumped off course, it'll be back to work keeping your house clean and germ-free in no time, so you and your loved ones can rest easy.


02-The Terrible Noise

You just plugged in your new robot, thrilled to have more free time now - you need the extra time to get a bit more work done. Who knows, with the extra effort you're putting in, you might get a raise or promotion soon.

You're already fully focused when you start feeling rather annoyed - and you know exactly why. Your robot is cleaning, sure, but it seems to be doing it as loudly as possible. You feel tense, but you do your best to ignore it.

Then it reaches its base station and starts whirring and clunking loudly as it empties its dust bin. You can barely read the screen in front of you as your eye starts to twitch. When it finishes, you try to focus again...

Until it gets into the baby's room and you hear the piercing screams of a baby woken from its nap. Thinking back on the day you clicked "purchase", you wish you could scream yourself.

Freo X Ultra's Solution

Many of our users have children or pets at home, which means sensitive ears which need some extra care. That's why Narwal set out to make our robots as quiet as possible, so everyone could work, rest, and learn peacefully.

Houses can easily become noisy and hectic, and our customers didn't want the Freo X Ultra to add to the chaos. In the end, we didn't just meet their standards, but we exceeded them. The Freo X Ultra is as quiet as 33 decibels while cleaning. That means it's quiet enough to discreetly clean in the background, so you don't have to worry about your robot bothering you, your little ones, or any furry friends. Even better, the Freo X Ultra also has an innovative ultra-quiet clog-free and "self-emptying" system for any dirt and debris, so clunking and whirring noises are a thing of the past. From its minimal noise to its sleek and sophisticated design, you'll barely even notice as the newest addition to your home conquers any and every mess.


03 -The Inescapable Cycle

You've always hated cleaning, so getting a cleaning robot was a no-brainer for you. You set it up and decide to go on a walk, ready to forget about cleaning for the rest of your life.

Before you're even home, though, you get a notification on your phone - your robot's dustbin needs to be emptied. When you go to take it out, you're met with a bunch of stinky, sopping-wet dirt. That reminds you, you have to wash and dry the mop pads too. Now that you think about it... Have those dirty mops been on your floor the whole afternoon? Anyway, you take the robot out and notice some grime inside its station too - another task to add to the list of chores. As you're cleaning, the free-time you thought you gained starts to slip away. After all, while you might have a floor-cleaning robot, you unfortunately don't have a robot-cleaning robot.

Freo X Ultra's Solution

From the start, we've constantly worked to make our robot as independent as possible, both responding to customer feedback and coming up with original innovations. After all, a robot vacuum should give you more time to do what you want with who you want.

In order to truly free our customers from the chore of cleaning, we made sure it would be self-maintaining so they don't have to trade floor cleaning for robot cleaning. The cutting-edge dust drying and compression system means you don't have to worry about odor-causing bacteria growth or emptying your robot's HEPA disposable dust bag for up to 7 weeks.

Even better, though, is the Freo X Ultra's all-in-one station that does everything for you. It automatically dries any dust as mentioned above, but that's just the beginning. The station also cleans and dries the robot's mops so your floors stay pristine while simulataneously washing itself so you don't have to lift a finger. You can even set it up to automatically add our cleaning and protecting liquid if you need! That means you don't have to worry about your floor cleaning time being replaced by robot cleaning time - the Freo X Ultra can take care of itself. Now, you can truly rest easy knowing there's always someone taking care of your house, even when you're at your busiest.


Freo X Ultra : The Solution to Cleaning Robots' Problems

Any cleaning robot can have cutting-edge technology. What really matters, and what the Freo X Ultra does best, is developing cutting-edge technology that actually solves problems customers are facing. Whether it's getting stuck, making too much noise, or being a chore in and of itself, Narwal made sure to fix the problems so many other cleaning robots face when designing the Freo X Ultra.

If you're interested in learning more about the Freo X Ultra, or even considering buying one yourself, you can learn more here.