DirtSense™ - Clean Floors, No Guesswork

Jun 13, 2024 | global backup
DirtSense™ - Clean Floors, No Guesswork

Keeping floors clean can feel like a never-ending chore, and a quick sweep often isn't enough to get the job done right. But what if you could have a robotic vacuum and mop that could sense just how dirty a room is and decide whether it requires more intensive cleaning? Say hello to Narwal Freo and its DirtSense™ feature, which knows exactly how dirty your floors are and ensures a thorough, deep clean every time.


What is DirtSense™?

DirtSense is a special functionality in Freo Mode, a cleaning mode that makes your robot as independent as possible so you never have to think about your floors again. To make that a reality, we wanted Freo to be able to figure out if floors needed more cleaning on their own without you having to lift a finger. But not every room has the same requirements - your kitchen, for example, is most likely to be the dirtiest room in the house, so naturally, it would need more cleaning. To achieve our goal, then, we gave Freo the power of “sight” with DirtSense™. During Freo Mode, DirtSense™ lets Freo constantly check how dirty floors are. That way, Freo doesn’t just know to go back and keep cleaning floors that need a little extra TLC, it also stops cleaning floors that are already pristine. With DirtSense™, your floors always get the clean they need without wasting any extra time, energy, or water, and you get the best clean possible, save money, and help the environment, all while you relax.


How Does DirtSense™ Work?

It might sound a little too good to be true, but here at Narwal, our customer-oriented design proves how effective our products are. We can’t reveal all of our secrets, but we can still share the basics of how DirtSense™ determines how clean your floors are to give them the cleanness they need.

Some might think that Freo would have to monitor cleanliness constantly while cleaning, but the technology to do that isn’t well developed yet and would be bulky and expensive. So Narwal thought of a different approach - every time Narwal goes back to wash its mops after cleaning 12m(2), it could check the cleanliness then. So during Freo Mode, special sensors monitor the water used to wash Freo’s mops. If the water that’s washed off is dark and dirty, Freo is told to clean the same area again. If the water is clear, your floors are already clean and Freo is told to clean elsewhere, preventing it from wasting time, energy, or water on any of your already pristine floors. You can think of DirtSense™ “Goldilocks clean”, making sure Freo doesn’t clean too much, nor too little - it cleans just right.

That’s the simple explanation, of course. The actual technology behind DirtSense™ is complex and we spent a lot of time and a lot of trial and error to make sure that it met our standards. But any time spent in development is always worth it to us, as long as it results in a better product for our customers.


The Winners: Everyone

Now, your floors get perfectly clean every time without you having to think about it at all, because Freo thinks just like you, keeping on cleaning until every last spot is clean and making sure the water is crystal clear before moving on. Even better, Freo helps you save time and money by getting your floors pristine clean as fast as possible and using only as much water and electricity as it needs (lowering your bills), all while helping you better understand your home with cleaning reports. So that’s why we’re proud to introduce DirtSense™ - it lets our robot "see" dirt just like you so that it keeps cleaning until your floors are sparkling, no more and no less.


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