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Black Friday Sale: Narwal Freo is A Time-Saver for Parents


  • 1. Top 5 Narwal Freo Features for Parents
  • 2. Narwal Freo Black Friday Deal - Perfect for Parents
  • 3. Conclusion

Picture this. It’s your little one’s birthday. You’re baking their cake and hand them the wooden spoon. You turn your back to load the dishwasher for a minute. You turn back round - and the mixture is everywhere. All over your kid, all over the floor!

As a parent, these types of spills happen all the time. And when you’ve got guests arriving or even just if you’re low on time, tackling cleaning the floors can be left to the last minute or not achieved at all. It can be overwhelming and take precious time from your day.

Enter the Narwal Freo. With a 2-in-1 robot vacuum and mop to help, you as parents don’t have to think about what happens when your child makes a mess. You have a built-in helper ready to go!

And with Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales coming up, there’s never been a better time to buy from Narwal. We have a fantastic deal running - more about that at the end of this blog.

In the meantime, read on to explore the Narwal Freo and how its unique elements and amazing technology can help parents keep their floors clean, hygienic, and ready for their children to play on!

1. Top 5 Narwal Freo Features


The Narwal Freo is a fantastic device for parents to have in their homes for a multitude of reasons. In this section, we explore exactly why having a Freo in your home will benefit you. If you’ve still got questions, you can join our Facebook group to hear honest reviews and receive real-time answers from Freo owners with children.

1) DirtSense™: Confidently Cleans Your Child’s Spills and Stains

DirtSense™ is AI technology powered by sensor arrays and algorithms, which we have developed to support the Narwal Freo as it cleans and re-cleans dirty areas. The technology detects if your floor remains dirty after the first mop (through the water) and will decide to re-do an area if it isn’t to its high standard of cleanliness.

Our dedication to developing excellent technology is one of the key reasons that our previous products have been chosen as one of the Time Magazines Top 100 Innovations, among other awards. Since this article was written, we’ve created our best product yet; the Freo. We’re so confident in this amazing device that it’s now the only robot vacuum/mop that we sell. And we’re confident you’ll love it too.

Our technology is incredibly effective, particularly for following around young children who like to make a mess. It means that when any stubborn stains are identified, the robot will automatically re-mop the area until it is clean. It will also automatically wash the mop, so you don’t need to worry about it spreading dirt around your home - or, for instance, sand brought in from a sandbox.

How does this help when you have a child? There are two key benefits to having a robot mop with DirtSense™ around children. The first is that any spills or accidents that happen will be cleaned up without you having to worry about it - even stubborn and dried stains, like mud, will be taken care of without you having to lift a finger. Plus, if you have a young child who is learning to crawl, DirtSense™ technology means that you can make sure the floor is hygienic and clean enough for them to toddle around without picking up germs.

2) Versatile Floor Adaptation: Vacuum and Mop Everywhere, From Your Kitchen to Your Child’s Room


We understand that each home - and each room - will have different flooring and that each room needs to be clean to ensure the best hygiene standards for your child. That’s why the Freo has versatile floor adaptation. It’s able to adjust the downward force in multiple cleaning modes, meaning it can easily travel between flat surfaces and carpet and prevent damage to your floors.

How does this help when you have a child? Having versatile floor adaptation is useful as it means you can make sure that important rooms that your child uses are clean and safe from small objects regularly. It also saves you time as it works across your household, so you aren’t having to clean certain rooms.

3) All-in-one Station: Automation to Save You Time

The all-in-one station takes care of washing, mopping, air drying, and solution dispensing. You gain more free time to spend with your child, or if cleaning is your thing you can save your precious time for chores you prefer!

Plus, you can save even more time with the world’s first auto water exchange. This additional accessory is available to purchase for $299. Following our detailed instructions, you can connect the device directly to a water pipeline and go - the valves in the device will prevent any water leaks. There’s also a self-test system to help you check everything is working correctly.

And when you’re all set up, the LED screen helps you to understand when the water exchange is happening.

The Narwal Freo also features:

  • Automatic cleaning solution dispensing, to create the best mix for your cleaning needs.
  • Automatic dual hot air drying to help the robot mop in half the time!
  • Automatic cleaning in the station to keep the robot and station sanitized.

How does this help when you have a child? Deep cleaning is a breeze when you have the Narwal Freo! You can rest easy in the knowledge that your floors are being cleaned with the right amount of detergent to keep them hygienic, as well as knowing that the water is being dried afterwards; so you don’t have to worry about your child slipping on wet floors.

4) App Control and Video Reports: Clean to Your Family’s Schedule


The Narwal app has everything you need to feel in control of your cleanliness. On the app, you can:

  • Schedule cleaning times
  • Create customised cleaning routines
  • Manage your accessories
  • Generate a cleaning report
  • …and more!

What’s more, your Freo can generate a dynamic cleaning report. This includes a video that shows you the details of the day’s cleaning routine, including the duration of cleaning and the number of times the robot has had to mop and vacuum.

How does this help when you have a child? This feature gives you added peace of mind when you leave your Freo to clean. You’re able to monitor if the floor is being wiped as often as you’d prefer, and increase or decrease the schedule. Plus, you can schedule cleans around nap time or bedtime - or to happen during these hours (see below!).

5) Whisper-Quiet Sound: A Peaceful Clean During Nap Time

The Freo is great to have around children, especially young babies, as it is whisper-quiet. It operates at as low as 48-59 dB whilst cleaning and at around 39 dB whilst drying, which is up to 50% lower than the industry average of 65-80 dB. This low noise helps create a peaceful atmosphere even while cleaning is happening and means that it won’t scare or wake your young children as it cleans.

How does this help when you have a child? If the best time for the Freo to operate is late at night or early in the morning, it’s helpful that it’s so quiet. Your children won’t be woken when it begins cleaning - and neither will you if you’re having a lie-in. It also means that they aren’t subjected to loud noises that could scare them.

2. Narwal Freo Black Friday Deal - Perfect for Parents

This Black Friday we have a special deal for everyone purchasing a Narwal Freo! Buy a Freo to keep your floors clean and hygienic for your children for only $799.99 (that’s a HUGE $600 saving!).

Plus, we’re offering you the chance to buy a Freo accessory pack for only $99 when you purchase a Freo across Black Friday or Cyber Monday. This pack contains our specially formulated floor cleaner, additional mop pads, filters, and more.

If you buy the Narwal Freo and the accessories pack together in this deal, the total is $898.99. That’s a huge saving of $700 - so act quickly to grab yours before the deal ends.

This year, Black Friday is on Friday, 24 November and Cyber Monday falls on November 27. To celebrate both of these events - and you, our customers - our deal will run from November 13 until December 3.

3. Conclusion

There’s one clear way to make your life as a parent easier this winter: add a Narwal Freo to your home. Not only will it ensure your floors are clean for your little one to come in contact with, but it can clean up after your child if there are spills and stains.

The Narwal Freo is the ultimate cleaning companion for children in multiple ways. Not only does our DirtSense™ AI technology ensure a deep and thorough clean, but versatile floor adaption helps to keep your house clean from your living room to your kitchen. Plus, with the Narwal Freo app, you can customize your Freo’s cleaning around your child’s schedule.

If you’re interested in having your own Freo, it’s time to act fast! Our Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal ends December 3.

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