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Preparation for network connection

Before connecting to the network: Make sure the Wi-Fi router has a single 2.4GHz band Wi-Fi signal. Make sure the Wi-Fi router's firewall and other special settings are turned off. (Log in to the router's management interface to make changes.)

Supported/unsupported encryption types

* Supported WiFi encryption types: None WPA2-Personal WPA/WPA2-Personal WPA3/WPA2-Personal * Unsupported WiFi encryption types: WEP WPA3-Personal

What can I do if the network connection fails?

If the network connection fails, please check: Is the Wi-Fi password correct/is there any space when you enter the password Whether it is a single 2.4GHz band Wi-Fi signal Whether the Wi-Fi encryption type is not supported Try to connect the network by connecting hotspots from other devices