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Narwal Black Friday Sale Gift Guide


  • 1. The Narwal Freo: Revolutionizing Home Cleaning
  • 2. Black Friday EXCLUSIVE OFFER
  • 3. Why is The Freo an Amazing Black Friday Gift?
  • 4. Ready to Purchase?

Get ready: Black Friday is coming! This November 24, you’ll get to experience Narwal’s exceptional technology - including our revolutionary Freo robot vacuum and mop - in your home at a discount price. What are you waiting for? Add the date to your diary and make sure you snap up this deal before they’re gone!

Black Friday is every bargain hunter's dream. Each year, big brands discount their wares so shoppers can get massive discounts on their electronics wishlist. The holiday takes place after Thanksgiving, which means Black Friday is on November 24, 2023.

The holiday discount tradition began in the US and has spread worldwide. In the US, shopping for deals in stores means you have to tackle huge queues, fight for the best deals, and encounter general safety concerns and chaos. That’s why many retailers and shoppers have chosen to move their incredible discounts online.

Narwal is no different. We’re a firm fan of Black Friday AND Cyber Monday. We have incredible technology, and we want you to own it for the best possible price. So, we run our holiday discounts through the entire weekend and beyond!

This year, we’re offering a huge discount of $600 on our flagship Freo. You’ll also get discounts on accessories when you shop with us! Read on to learn more about the Freo and what should be on your Black Friday shopping list when you purchase from Narwal.

1. The Narwal Freo: Revolutionizing Home Cleaning

Looking for groundbreaking home cleaning technology? Look no further.

The Narwal Freo has cutting-edge technology designed and developed by our incredible team. With the number of people using robot vacuums and mops rising in recent years, it’s necessary to stay ahead of the game and use the latest technological advancements to make the Freo stand out from the crowd.

1) Dual Vacuum and Mop

The Narwal Freo combines two of the most useful household technologies: a vacuum and a mop. These areas have been vital to cleaning for many years, but we knew that there is a need for revolutionary technology to help free up time to spend doing the things you love - like spending time with your family, enjoying hobbies, or even catching up on your favorite TV show.

Using versatile floor adaptation, the Freo can understand the type of floor it is on and whether it needs to mop or vacuum a particular area. This handy bit of kit ensures it can clean your entire home and do so in a way that will protect your flooring by adjusting the downward force in multiple cleaning modes. This means it can easily travel between flat surfaces and carpets without damaging your floors.

2) DirtSense™ Technology


DirtSense™ is AI technology developed to support the Narwal Freo as it cleans and re-cleans dirty areas. Powered by sensor arrays and algorithms, the technology detects if your floor requires a second mop to keep to your high standard of cleanliness.

This new technology is incredibly effective, particularly for identifying stubborn stains so you don’t have to spend your evening scrubbing the floor. It will also automatically wash the mop, so you don’t need to worry about it spreading this dirt as it moves around your home.

3) Full Control Via The Narwal App

You can completely automate your Freo’s cleaning schedule through our dedicated Narwal app. It has everything you need to set an appropriate schedule for your lifestyle and to feel in control of your cleanliness.

The app is simple to set up and use to:

  • Create customized cleaning routines
  • Set no-go zones
  • Establish spot cleaning
  • Explore multi-map capability
  • Generate a cleaning report
  • …and more!

This is perfect for if you have to rush out of the house in the morning and know you need the floor to be clean when you get back. If you have a pet and monitor it via a camera throughout the day, you will also be able to remotely clean up any mess you see it make.

Your Freo can also generate a dynamic cleaning report, including a video that shows you the details of the day’s cleaning routine. You’ll learn about the duration of your robot’s cleaning and the number of times the robot has had to mop and vacuum to help you learn more about the cleanliness levels in your home.

4) All-in-one station

Thinking “This all sounds great - but how much effort do I have to put in to clean the Freo itself?” Think again! We’ve taken care of it. The Freo comes with an all-in-one docking station to make the need for you to clean it as minimal as possible.

The station takes care of cleaning the mop to keep the robot and the station sanitized, as well as solution dispensing to create the best mix for your cleaning needs. This means that you don’t have to worry about your mop picking up and spreading dirt around your house OR figuring out how much cleaning solution you need to add on a daily or weekly basis.

Unfortunately, the Freo can’t order the cleaning solution for you! However, this is a step that’s incredibly easy to do online - and cheaper when you purchase as part of our Black Friday accessories deal. Learn more about this next!

Click here to read more about the Narwal Freo in our complete buying guide!



This Black Friday we have an exclusive deal for you - purchase your Narwal Freo for only $799.99. That’s a HUGE $600 saving from the regular price!

What’s more, we want you to be fully stocked on all the important things you need to keep your floor clean. That’s why we’re offering you the chance to buy a Freo accessory pack (containing our specially formulated floor cleaner, additional mop pads, filters, and more) for only $99 when you purchase a Freo across Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

If you buy the Narwal Freo and the accessories pack together in this deal, the total is $898.99. That's a huge saving of $700 - so act quickly to grab yours before the deal ends.

To celebrate Black Friday and Cyber Monday - and you, our customers, on this Thanksgiving weekend - our deal will run from November 13 until December 3.

3. Why is The Freo an Amazing Black Friday Gift?

There’s more than one reason to buy a Narwal Freo this Black Friday!

  • Revolutionary Cleaning Technology. With our AI and algorithm-driven DirtSense™ technology, your floors will be spotless without you having to lift a finger - even if your children and pets are prone to cause spills or have messy accidents!
  • Join the Narwal community. When you purchase, you can join our Facebook group to be part of a like-minded community of cleaning enthusiasts (and people who just want to make their lives easier with a robot vacuum and mop). Everyone in this group is there for you to help offer tips, answer common questions, and cheer you on when you find the perfect cleaning schedule.
  • Our incredible discount! Save $600 on the Freo itself, plus receive a discounted accessory pack when you purchase this Black Friday weekend. Take advantage of this amazing offer while it's still running!

This is why the Freo makes a fantastic gift for your loved ones. Not only are you surprising them with an advanced piece of technology, but you’re also making their lives easier. The Freo can save you and them time, with less time spent doing chores and more opportunity to enjoy yourself.

Plus, it has never been so easy to have a hygienic floor. This is especially important if you’re a parent or have pets - with little ones trudging dirt in from playing outside, crawling around on all fours, or your pets shedding hair and pet dander, it’s necessary to have a regular floor clean. The Freo can take care of this automatically, so you and your loved ones don’t have to think to tick one task off the cleaning list.

4. Ready to Purchase?


Make sure you set your alarm for the Freo’s Black Friday deal. They will be live on our website from November 13 to December 3 - don’t miss out! All you have to do is bookmark this page and head back, then click below to add the Freo to your basket.

Don’t forget to browse our Black Friday offer, including the chance to buy a Freo accessory pack for only $99 when you purchase a Freo across Black Friday or Cyber Monday. You’ll receive our specially formulated floor cleaner, additional mop pads, filters, and more for half the regular price.

There’s also more to this offer than money. When you receive your Freo you can join the Freo community with full access to our Facebook group full of tips, tricks and more.

So what are you waiting for? And if you’re reading this before December 3, why wait? Grab your Freo before stock runs out. Add to your basket today - click below!

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