Sparkle and shine
Give your floor a brand new look


Strong downward force
for a thorough,deep clean.


As quiet as sitting in a library.


High-speed rotation
for powerful stain removal.

Rounded triangular mops

Staggered rotation
leaves no spot unclean.

Two 1.3-gallon tanks

Cleans up to 3000 sq ft of flooring.


Automatically identifies
dirty mops,then cleans itself.

Vacuums from front
to back of map

Efficient and effective.

Mops from back
to front of map

Avoids re-contamination.

1800pa of vacuuming
suction and 65db

Just powerful enough for family.

side brushes

Prevents dust from spreading
and reduces jams caused by tangled hair.

High-efficiency Filter

Captures small particles and
invisible allergens efficiently.

Intelligent recharging

Narwal T10 recharges itself automatically when power falls
below 20%.

0.1 kWh battery supports 3hrs of battery life
2.5hr quick charge
5200mAh battery capacity

Automatic air-drying

Keeps the mop dry and prevents bacterial growth.

Control by APP

Anytime, anywhere.

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