Narwal T10, 2-in-1 Robot Mop & Vacuum With Automatic Mop Cleaning Station

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Make Your Hard Floor Shine

Bring out the spotless shine of your hard floors with a Narwal combo robot cleaner. It vacuums and mops hard flooring and eliminates stains and wet spots in an instant.

Narwal T10 features triangular mop pads that rotate 3 times per second (180 RPM). These pads cover 30% more surface area and result in a more efficient clean, especially in corners.

Free Your Hands from Dirty Mops

The T10 saves hands from coming into contact with allergens or dirt. This mopping robot vacuum periodically auto-detects mops' dirtiness, returning to the base station for cleaning when needed and then resuming its floor cleaning duties. After cleaning, mops are auto-dried to prevent germs and bacteria.

Water conservation: Narwal T10 uses only 16 oz water--the size of a grande size coffee--to mop an average size master room (224 square feet). Data source: Narwal R&D Lab.

Bye Bye, Tangled Hairs

Bye Bye, Tangled Hairs Dual side brushes sweep dirt, hair, and debris directly into the vacuum slot where the T10's filter efficiently traps dust, hair, and allergens - all without causing a racket.

Strong 1800pa suction and a no roll brush design to reduce the risk of hair tangling.

Smart Mapping & Navigation

LIDAR navigation, LSD laser mapping algorithms, and Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) technologies makes the Narwal T10 smarter than ever. The robot will not get lost as long as the map route remains.

Super Easy to Use

Besides the Narwal APP, the T10’s unique operating system has also been designed to be manually controllable from the base station. One click is all that's needed to make the T10 build a map, vacuum, mop, and return home.

  • Home Layout Map
  • Cleaning Area & Sequence
  • Child Lock
  • No-go Zone
  • Remote Control
  • Cleaning Status & Report
  • Battery Status
  • ...

With the official Narwal app, you can:

Set virtual no-go zones.
Choose multiple scenarios and cleaning plans.
Get timely updates for new firmware.
Receive automatic upgrades to algorithms.
Adjust vacuuming suction levels and mopping moisture levels.
And More…


Key Features

A Floor Cleaning Robot That Does lt All

  • Mop Self-Cleaning

  • Efficient Mopping

  • Strong Vacuuming

  • Smart Mapping & Navigation

  • Strategic Cleaning

  • No-Go Zones

  • Cover up to 3,000 ft2

  • Fast Charging

  • Dual Modules

Featured in

Product information

  • 1.3 Gallon Water Tank Cleans 3000 ft²

  • Dual High-Speed Mops 180rpm

  • Pressurized Triangular Mops 10N Force

  • Powerful Vacuuming Suction 1800 Pa Strong

  • 2-in-1 Vacuum & Mop Robot Free Your Hands

  • Easy to Change Magnetic Parts

  • Pet Friendly Leaves No Dust and Hairs Behind

  • Smart Mapping & Navigation To Stay on Track


What's in the Box

  • Robot x1

    (a dust bin included)

  • Base station x1

    (cleaning board,clean water tank, and
    wastewater tank included)

  • Vacuuming module

  • Side brush

  • Mopping module

  • Mop

  • Magnetic strip

  • Hook cutter

  • Power cord

  • Filter sponge


Kindly Reminder

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