Our mission is to help people live freely and passionately
Repetitive and tedious tasks often reduce our quality of life and become sources of quarrels between family members.Narwal believes that new technologies and artificial intelligence can truly replace such tasks,free up time and energy and allow everyone to be freer and pursue what they love.
We advocate freedom and love
Narwal is a pioneering technology company and a lifestyle brand that advocates freedom and love.
As an intelligent innovation company, Narwal spans multiple fields such as SLAM, 3D perception, AI object recognition, robotic mechanism technology, and big data applications. We have made breakthroughs in multiple directions and has applied for more than 100 technological patents.
We believe that a good invention is not one that emphasizes parameters, but one that truly helps and changes people's lives for the better:
  • We offer a thorough and comprehensive product experience that faciliatates individual freedom and harmonious family life
  • We build and maintain communities with diverse lifestyles
The Origin of Narwal
The idea of 'Narwal' originated from a family gathering of our founder. At that time, several of his robot research and development projects were not going well, and his family members were worried about him. During the dinner, they all proposed areas in their lives that they hoped that a robot could solve; Among them, the founder's father said,
'Why don't you invent a robot that can wash its mops by itself?'
Due to the love and support of family members, this great inspiration came into being.
We advocate freedom and love
Individual realization
We value our employees, users, and business partners.
The relationships
We value the sincere and caring relationships between people and themselves
Ideals and the future
We believe idelas can instigate courage and creativity which ultimately allows us to solve the problems and head towards a better future
  • Edison Award
  • Plus X Award
  • Red Dot Award
  • German Innovation Award
  • Time Magazine's