Automatic Water Exchange System -
Never Lift a Finger Again


  • 1. The System Core : What and Why
  • 2. Is it Right for Me?
  • 3. Live a Little More Life

There’s nothing better than having a robot that can clean for you - except one that cleans itself too. Hands-free cleaning is what we here at Narwal dedicate ourselves to, so for our newest robot, Freo, we designed a cutting-edge automatic water exchange system to make cleaning easier than ever. Now, with the new system, not only can you sit back and relax while Freo’s AI-driven DirtSense™ ensures your floors are perfectly clean, you never have to worry about your robot’s water again either, all thanks to Freo’s groundbreaking technology.

The System Core : What and Why

Before you decide if you want your cleaning experience to be a little more high-tech, though, it’s important to understand how the system works. In truth, it’s actually quite simple to understand - it works like a washing machine’s water system. If you decide to add this water system to your Freo, you can hook it up to your house’s water supply and let Freo take care of the rest, as it automatically fills and empties its tanks when needed.

It sounds simple, but simplicity can create wonders. A system like this has a ton of benefits, but some of the top ones are :

  • You never have to worry about manually changing your robot’s water ever again, so no more lifting heavy tanks or worrying about accidental spills.
  • You don’t have to worry about your Freo running out of water before its done cleaning. Because the automatic water exchange system means that your base station will refill on its own, your Freo can keep cleaning uninterrupted without you having to lift a finger.
  • This system is easier to clean and maintain, taking almost no effort. Since the dirty water drains automatically! Even better, you don’t have to worry about any bacterial growth or odor since the water empties as soon as it's in the base station.

Altogether, it’s clear that Freo’s pioneering water system improves the cleaning experience exponentially. The next question, then, is…

Is it Right for Me?


Now that you know how the system works, the real question is whether or not it’s the right fit for your home. In sum, this system is a great addition to a variety of households, for example :

That’s the simple explanation, of course. The actual technology behind DirtSense ™ is complex and we spent a lot of time and a lot of trial and error to make sure that it met our standards. But any time spent in development is always worth it to us, as long as it results in a better product for our customers.

  • Those who have a large area to clean. Since the water is changed automatically, Freo's cleaning process will no longer be interrupted by the base station running out of water.
  • Those whose space needs frequent cleaning. It's easy to sit back and relax when the system automatically fills and empties its tanks for you.
  • Those users who dream of a relaxing life in a smart home. The automatic water exchange is the feature they’ve been waiting for, finally giving them an almost entirely hands-free cleaning experience.

Of course, whether or not Freo’s automatic water exchange system will suit your house also depends on whether or not your house meets the installation requirements - you can find out if yours does herePlease ensure that your house meets the installation requirements before purchasing the water auto exchange system. If the installation conditions are not met, we do not recommend buying this systerm.

 Also, while the installation might sound intimidating at first, there are actually only five simple steps : First, you check the installation site, second, you install the water pipes, third you connect the base station, fourth you install the pipeline, and finally you do a quick anti-leak test. Even better, there are lots of resources to help you with the installation process, including a handbook and a video guide . Once the installation is complete, then, you never have to worry about Freo’s tanks again and can relax knowing your floors are in good hands.

Live a Little More Life


So do you dream of a day when cleaning doesn’t even cross your mind? Where at the end of the day, you have a few extra moments to breathe, take your dog on a walk, or play with your kids? That’s the life Narwal wants for its customers, a life where no moment is wasted, which is why we designed our water exchange system with you and your valuable time in mind. With Freo’s automatic water exchange system, you can look forward to getting back a few more precious moments every time you clean your floors. So if you’re ready to live a little more life, get yourself the Narwal Freo and its automatic water exchange system for yourself here - your hands will thank you.

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