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Narwal Freo Black Friday Sale: Perfect for Pet Owners


  • 1. Top 5 Narwal Freo Features
  • 2. Narwal Freo Black Friday Deal
  • 3. Conclusion

Being a pet owner is fun. It’s energetic. It’s amazing! Sharing your home with your pet and enjoying seeing them thrive at home is a great feeling.

However, all pet owners know that pets can be messy! Whether you have a dog, a cat, or a house rabbit, that’s a lot of extra hair around your house. They also bring in dirt on their paw pads and can drip water everywhere when they drink from their bowl - and if you’ve got a puppy or kitten, they might also have little accidents.

So, how can you make sure your house stays clean without causing an issue for your dog or cat?

A robot vacuum and mop. These smart devices can detect dirt and clean up messes, leaving your floors spotless. And this is one area that sets Narwal Freo apart from the competition - our DirtSense™ Technology. You’ll learn more about that technology later in the blog.

Read on to understand how a robot vacuum and mop can help you navigate daily life with a pet and keep your floors clean, even if they get muddy or covered in pet dander.

1. Top 5 Narwal Freo Features

The Narwal Freo is not your average robot vacuum/mop. It’s an exceptional home cleaning device - and you’ll soon wonder how you ever cleaned your floors without it. We want you to have more free time and reduce time spent on repetitive and tedious tasks. So, we make sure our devices incorporate new technologies. We explore these below.

Five top features make our robot mop great if you have a pet.

1) DirtSense™: Keep Your Floors Hygienic, Even If Your Pets Go Outside

DirtSense™ is AI technology that we have developed to support the Narwal Freo as it cleans and re-cleans dirty areas. The technology detects if your floor remains dirty after the first mop (through the water) and will decide to re-do an area if it isn’t to its high standard of cleanliness.

This clever technology is powered by sensor arrays and algorithms (don’t worry, this writer doesn't know what that is either - I’ll leave it to our expert Narwal researchers and scientists!).

However, one thing every Narwal employee knows is the effectiveness of this tech. Once an area with stubborn stains is identified the robot will automatically re-mop the area until it is clean. It will also automatically wash the mop, so you don’t need to worry about it spreading dirt around your home.

How does this help when you have a pet? It’s deep cleaning made easy. DirtSense™ ensures that every inch of your home is left clean and fresh while you sit back and relax - it can run around after your pets all day without getting tired or bored. This gives you more time to spend walking your dog, playing with your cat, hugging your house rabbit, or even watching your hamster roll around in its running wheel.

2) EdgeSwing: Pick Up Stray Hair, Food and More


Our EdgeSwing technology helps the Narwal Freo reach and clean hard-to-reach edges by repositioning the robot mop close to the sides of the room. Its modern brushes reach deep into these areas to effectively remove pet hair and debris. This includes a rubber brush option, which helps if your pet sheds loads as it prevents hair tangling.

When combined with strong suction, the Narwal Freo can also pick up dog food or cat litter scattered around the room (and really, any dirt that’s up to half an inch wide).

How does this help when you have a pet? The Narwal Freo’s EdgeSwing technology can access and mop up dirt even in hard-to-reach areas, so no part of your floor is untouched. It can clear up any dirt, patches of water or even dander that has drifted into the edges of your room.

3) All-in-one station: Efficient and Precise Cleaning

The all-in-one station takes care of washing, mopping, air drying, and solution dispensing, freeing up your hands to spend more quality time with your pet.

As standard, the Narwal Freo features:

  • Automatic cleaning solution dispensing, to create the best mix for your cleaning needs.
  • Automatic dual hot air drying to help the robot mop in half the time!
  • Automatic cleaning in the station to keep the robot and station sanitized.

This efficient technology takes all of the effort out of keeping your floors clean. Leave it to your Freo to analyse and adapt to your cleaning needs.

Save even more time by adding our (optional) auto water exchange. With this world-first technology, you simply connect the device directly to a water pipeline and go! The valves in the device will prevent any water leaks. There’s also a self-test system to help you check everything is working correctly. Plus, the LED screen helps you to understand when the water exchange is happening.

How does this help when you have a pet? There’s always fresh water to make sure any germs that your pet brings in from outside are ready to be tackled! It also means you know that the water that is being used on your floors is safe and hasn’t become stagnant.

4) SLAM 3.0 LiDAR Navigation and Infrared Obstacle Avoidance: Avoid Bumps and Accidents

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The Narwal Freo effortlessly avoids obstacles to provide a safe and efficient cleaning process. Your valuables are safe and breakage free, while your pet can get used to having the Freo in the house without worrying about it bumping into them.

How does this help when you have a pet? The navigation and obstacle avoidance technology in the Narwal Freo is excellent when you have pets because it can avoid bumping into them. No matter how much they try and play with it, it will keep avoiding them!

5) Whisper-Quiet Sound: Perfect for Pets Who Hate Vacuums

The Freo operates at as low as 48-59 dB whilst cleaning and at around 39 dB whilst drying, which is up to 50% lower than the industry average of 65-80 dB. This whisper-quiet noise helps create a peaceful atmosphere even while cleaning is happening.

How does this help when you have a pet? Because the Freo is so quiet, it’s more comfortable for your pets to have it around the house. This is particularly the case if they are scared of household items like your vacuum. If you have dogs, a quieter device will be helpful to prevent them from barking during the day - especially if you’re on a Zoom call.

2. Narwal Freo Black Friday Deal

This Black Friday we have a special deal for everyone purchasing a Narwal Freo! Buy a Freo for only $799.99 (that’s a HUGE $600 saving!).

Plus, we’re offering you the chance to buy a Freo accessory pack for only $99 when you purchase a Freo across Black Friday or Cyber Monday. This pack contains our specially formulated floor cleaner, additional mop pads, filters, and more.

If you buy the Narwal Freo and the accessories pack together in this deal, the total is $898.99. That’s a huge saving of $700 - so act quickly to grab yours before the deal ends.

This year, Black Friday is on Friday, 24 November and Cyber Monday falls on November 27. To celebrate both of these events - and you, our customers - our deal will run from November 13 until December 3.

3. Conclusion


With the Narwal Freo, you can enjoy a clean home and cherish moments with your pet. It gives you the time and energy to play, rather than clean. With DirtSense™ Technology powering a spotless clean and EdgeSwing helping reach even hard-to-reach edges, you won’t have to worry about a dirty kitchen or living room floor again.

They’re a great device to have around pets. This isn’t just because they make your life easier, especially if your pet is a messy eater or sheds a lot. It’s also because they are quiet and have SLAM 3.0 LiDAR Navigation and Infrared Obstacle Avoidance to help ensure your pet is comfortable all day, even while the robot mop is working.

Plus, when you buy a Freo you become part of the Narwal community. We have a Facebook group for you to share tips and tricks and meet fellow Freo enthusiasts. They’re a supportive group of people who might also be pet owners wanting to keep their homes clean everyday without using a noisy mop.

Ready to purchase? Click the link below to access our fantastic Black Friday Narwal Freo deal!

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